A Primer on Serverless Computing: AWS Lambda vs Google Cloud Functions vs Azure Functions

Xing Wang on October 23, 2017

What is Serverless Computing? Serverless Computing is a new form of cloud based computing similar to VM’s and containers running on a ... [Read Full]
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Thanks for sharing! I believe that it has become very common to treat function as a service (FaaS) = serverless. But as you describe it so well it is about not managing servers.

Services like Heroku are there since ~ 10 years and are serverless. Now there are more and more managed services for databases, message queues, etc. When you are precise, even a managed container runtime is serverless. So AWS ECS Fargate is serverless and AWS Lambda is containerless :D

While FaaS is certainly a pretty big deal, going serverless with other infrastructure components and not only your application servers allows you to focus on what is important: Your business.


Agreed. Ultimately these buzzwords are just that, buzzwords. Business and create useful things is what is important.

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