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Update on Release 0.4


This post is a bit late but I got some things to tell you since last time.

How is the PR going?

The PR is almost complete, because the author decided to do his entire project using Vanilla JS, I decided to not opt for Slate.


A rich text editor that I tried to use was CKEDTIOR, I got to know it because of WEB524, and decided to give it a try as I could use it through CDN.



Then at the bottom of my html file I just need to add another line of code:


And on my JS File I just had to access its content and replace it,
Getting the data:

Replacing the data:

It worked?


Because I am using span and CSS to set the colors of each character, I have do be able to input it into the text editor, but it won’t work.

What now?

Following the Author, I think my best choice now is to keep going with Vanilla JS.
This way I can get input from the textbox, map it and apply the spans with colored classes and display it in a <p> tag or so.

This is how it is working now:


When it’s going to be done

Wednesday of this week I should have it all complete.
On Friday I will post another update on how the PR and review with the Author was.

Thank you so much for reading!

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