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Just a suggestion for the document itself and at the least future documents :

Add a prompt to the command invocation (that is prepend) to make it clearer what you type and what the output is. Maybe it’s because I am an old timer and also quite literal but my favourite example of that is quotes and a dot inside in say a VI editor tutorial i.e. ‘dd.’ which would repeat the action.

Anyway whether it’s a ‘>’ or a ‘$’ or if you want to go old school even a ‘%’ (brings back memories heh) it would make the article a bit clearer.



You know, I go and back and forward over this a bit.

I understand that the prompt gives a little more context, which is useful. However, I also know that people like to copy and paste from articles online (you can argue this is bad, but that's not my choice) and sometimes will copy the prompt as well and the command won't work.

I've even seen someone implement a $ function in their terminal that just passes through the arguments to run them so that they aren't caught out by the inclusion of a $ in online instructions (can't find the article about this right now, but I swear it exists).

For me right now, I like to make things copy-pastable without any surprises, so I'll keep the article as it is. I appreciate the feedback though, thank you.

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