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Discussion on: I went from portering in a restaurant to coding in Silicon Valley. Ask me anything.

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Phu Tran • Edited on

I am 30 years old, asian guy living in an underdeveloped country and have tried several times to learn coding, I even paid for the techdegree on teamtreehouse in 2017 and 2019 but couldn't complete it because some reasons. Where would you like to suggest to learn coding? I hold a MBA IS in the US but absolutely clueless about coding. In the past, I tried to learn Java and then switched to python because some suggestions.

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Figure out what you'd like to do first.

I started with web development (JS more precisely). I had picked web-dev as it 'seemed' (with my knowledge back then) to allow me to build many different things and to start of with no required prior knowledge (I did not know how to use a compiler properly -so no Java either xD - or how to set up a web server to use a backend language like PHP -side note when I 'bumped into' node.js I started figuring stuff out and turned back to php too xD -. That was my 'criterion'.

Later on I also 'discovered' python, rust and C, frameworks for native mobile development like Ionic/React Native, etc...

For reasources, I started with udemy courses (udemy and eduonix - a similar platform) thei are reasonably priced (so even if you grab one and it does not prove that useful, you won't lose a lot of $ plus they have a 30 day refund policy usually).

I currently work as a software developer so it did prove useful, and I learned a ton + discovered many other resources in the meantime.

Hope my story will help you.

Don't give up, you will love to do this job and best of luck!