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Discussion on: What I Use Now Instead Of Google

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Xavier Tourenq

This is very interesting, I think we all underestimate the importance of preserving our cyber privacy. At least for the data that matters (private info [email] and more generally our likes/dislikes [browzing behaviour]).
Another important point people have mentioned in comments is having it all in the hands of one company that could block us out fro their services and take our data away from us.
A few thoughts on the list:

Email: I completely agree that using your own domain is the best, but for things that don't matter that much (subscribtions mostly) I use Yahoo Mail and their disposable mail feature. This is such an underrated feature! You can create as many disposable email as you want, they all come to your main address and you can forward that to another (personal) email. The advantage is that you can create emails for each service and know exactly who sold your emails to a mailing list. It used to be much more frequent thant it is, but having the option to simply delete the address and never hear from a service again (versus blocking a sender or unsubscribing) is for me a huge plus.

Google Analytics: I have stoped using GA for real projects, in favor of a privacy-first and open-source option called Ackee : (no affiliation)
It's self hosted so you can avoid being blocked by ad-blockers and you have 100% control on the data that you collect. Of course, the data collected by default is a lot less than GA, but that's the point - and there is no cookies! You should check it out as it will certainly cost you less than Fathom.

I am a big fan of self hosting and if not, I like to make sure my data is encrypted end-to-end.
For Drive, Photos, YouTube and Maps, I have not switched (yet?). These are so convenient and alternatives don't seem as good... for example, I would really like to find an alternative for Photos but the one feature that seems hard to get with alternatives is "shared albums" where a group can post their photos to the album in a very fluid way... so much better than sending by email, chat or social media (timestamp changes, photo compressed, etc.) or whatever we did before GPhotos!