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"The other side of being calm was a loss of motivation. The internet gets you to do things. You see the successes of other people and try to keep up with them. You value time much more dearly, as you know that any extra 10 minutes you can steal is a chanсe to read an interesting article from your archives that might produce a small change in you."

I think the opposite is true. The internet constantly steals your time by distracting you from what you originally wanted to do. Lets just quickly watch a video on youtube. Oh theres a new tweet from , let me see what he wrote quickly. Oh Amanda wrote me a message on facebook. ... 3 hours later you don't even know what you originally wanted to do.

Aswell looking at successes of other people (usually) doesn't make you feel more motivated, instead it makes you feel worse about yourself and you'll be less likely to do useful things. (Of course there are exceptions here.)

Mobile phones are another distraction - the amount of people staring at their phones in pretty much every situation nowadays is astonishing... But thats another topic ;).

I realized for e.g. coding its very useful at some points to just download the docs you require and plug the ethernet cable out to get things done.

Great written post.



Yeap, I know this feeling. But I think we have this feeling of not using time right just because our culture force as to be 100% effective (which is not possible). I think that watching YouTube is a relaxing time, which I need to be productive in another time. Talking with Amanda is especially important because we are social and we love to communicate.

Just say yourself “yes, I can be not productive sometimes, yes I can do think online just for fun because it is important”.

Anyway, even with YouTube and other things, you still more productive than without the Internet at all.

(But yeap, everyone still needs good time management on Internet too)

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