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re: Corey, we've been saying this internally for a long time and it's good that that's where everyone's head goes right away. The two parts of this: ...

I think that tags can be developed a bit more. Say you have a parenting forum, but similar to the #discuss or #shecoded tags that have active maintainers, tags could evolve to be more of a community within the larger forum. I don't know what would need to be done to facilitate this beyond maybe having a chatroom for the tag as a community discussion on that topic. That would require a bit of rework of the messaging functionality, but could be a really fun direction.

Yup, none of this is too far from where I think things will go.

cooking communities or parenting communities

Or just a version of The Onion / McSweeny's to target devs, speaking of too far, and going there.

I can see it now...

"Amazon deploys stocking robots for cage fights, 2 have already earned their freedom."

"#discuss What is the most embarrassing bodily function Google Neuro's neural interface has triggered in public?"

"With the advent of Noxt.js, are we running out of vowels?"

Edit: May need to account for Poe's Law here... perhaps a "here be dragons/not Kansas" interstitial.

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