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I really enjoy the company of coworkers and the bonds that are built in those off-shoot moments when not heads down in work -- going to lunch, happy hours, fun meetings typically fostered in an office space, but I'm all for blended (mixed). It'll be interesting to actually try working close to 100% remote when the dust settles (doesn't look like it's any time soon)

It's much more difficult to "hang out" and get help (I started a new role in April as the shelter-in-place orders began here in California). I'm certain it's much more of a challenge for others, especially software engineers/programmers just starting their careers. I'm pretty social, so it's easier, but still a challenge. Typically, I would glance over at a team member, see if they're in the middle of something, and tap them on the shoulder. This doesn't work over Slack even if their green dot is signaling their availability. Google Meet and Slack with screen-share have been vital. I can't imagine this working out a decade ago unfortunately.

Upgrading some of my equipment has also been crucial -- like a better dock and mouse. A good coffee-making process has also been essential. I'm an evangelist for Aeropress now ☕️


I agree! With the social aspect of work, it's a lot harder to create relationships and bonds with co-workers. Especially for those just getting started in a career and want to get to know their co-workers, it can be tough.

Same, if this happened a decade ago, I really wonder what would have happened. Now, even with Zoom and other technologies, it still has been difficult at times.

Yes, equipment like a coffee maker, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. have been very important. I also got a bunch of new stuff to improve my work!

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