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Initialize the project like building blocks? You can use the template function of Code Recycle.

  • In general, when initializing a new project, we often use existing files to create a template (repository) for use.

  • However, sometimes an update for a specific function (module) cannot be synchronized across all the file templates. We need to continue making adjustments after generating the templates.

  • At this time, you can try using the module function of Code Recycle.

The template function of Code Recycle that it possesses.

  • Support interaction. You can input a string when calling to modify some variables in the file. You can choose options to control whether the content is generated.

  • Template update synchronization. When the linked file is updated, you can synchronize the file/project to keep the original file modification (replacement/optional) range.

Use the diff algorithm to synchronize. If the position is not accurate after updating, you may need to manually correct it.


  • Module composition. You can encapsulate the function into independent actions, and then call them together through action nest.

  • Template undo. You can reverse the contents of a template in a specific action by using the diff editor.


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