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Discussion on: What is a Senior Developer *Really*?

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Excellent article. About that sixth sense: I had a manager press me as to why I had added 30% to an estimate as a contingency. What was it for? I said that I couldn't say what was going to go wrong, but based on the size and scope of the spec, I knew that something would. Of course, then when that something did come up, I had to put on my lawyer's hat and prove that I didn't deliberately cause it or overlook it in my estimate (in that case it was api changes from an ecommerce partner that they didn't feel they had to tell us about.).

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José Rodrigo Abril Lara

ahh! but it is my old enemy broken API contracts.

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Marc Backes 🥑 Author

Ohhh yes. People don’t understand that sixth sense. It’s also hard to explain. But it’s definitely a thing!