When do you crosspost for visibility and SEO?

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I have finally started my blog after way too long. It's a process that can be intimidating purely for how much work you think you will need to do. Even if you know the material well. It's also to help me get better at technical writing.

But one thing I see different answers to, is WHEN to cross post. Also some places seem to want to cross post earlier than others. Medium seems to want fresher content so posting there earlier might help. Where as DEV doesn't seem to be effected by that.

In general from what I have read, once you post on your site, you should wait up to a week to cross post on other sites like DEV. I feel bad for cross posting in places like reddit where it feels more spammy to me asking people to look at my content. Otherwise, I could post on linkedin and other sources. And sharing on social media should be done right away to get the traffic to your primary domain.

What other suggestions do you guys have about when to post, and possibly where (outside of maybe community specific areas based on your topic since that can varyvso widely).

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Anywhere that you can set your rel=canonical, you can crosspost to immediately. That’s Medium, here, maybe some other places.

If you can’t set the rel=canonical, usually a week is fine but the real answer is: any time after your original post is indexed.

To check and see if it’s indexed, just search for it in the search engine you want to check indexing in.