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Thanks for great article. I think about Flutter but i have experience in React so React Native seems to be easiest choice for me( the same JS language). Is Flutter better than React Native? Faster or easier to write? What are the differences? I will be grateful for an answer :)


Dart, in my opinion, is very easy to pick up from javascript, particularly if you have experience with typescript and OOP. Flutter has a lot of similarities to React as well (A Flutter widget functions similar to a React component).


React Native heavily inspired flutter. Even in the documentation, the creators talk about it. In my case, since I don't know javascript was more easy to learn Dart coming from Java / Kotlin because it's straightforward and it had many similar concepts, but I'm pretty sure that you can catch it quickly if you now Javascript and React. Give it a try :) Since the Flutter Interact event, you can test it in your web browser without having to download anything.


In my opinion, Flutter is faster to write than React Native.
I also code in React.js, and I love it. But, I don't really like React Native. I tried a few times, but every time I had problems with NPM packages.

I also love the performance: Flutter doesn't use Javascript like React Native to interact with native components. Dart compiles to native machine code; there is no Javascript structure. So, performance is improved in comparison to React Native.

But, I can understand most of the React.js developers prefer using React Native because it's fast and easy to start when you know React.js.

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