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Revolutionize your Coding Environment with these Tips

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I am a fifteen-year-old christian Homeschooler that is crazy about coding. I've been coding for about four years now. I also use HTML, CSS, JS, Flask (Python), PHP, SQL, React, P5js, and more!
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It is always helpful to get yourself a more comfortable coding environment. Programming in my custom VSCode and on Codepen are very different things. Here are some tips to make your coding environment better. So, let's start!


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separation bar

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is much easier on your eyes than a light mode. It is also better for you and will protect your eyes and decrease the chance of your eyesight diminishing.
Some sites, however, do not have a dark mode. You can fix this by installing one of the Browser Extenstions:

  1. Dark Reader
  2. Midnight Lizard

I use Midnight Lizard since you can customize it more. Here's Codecademy with and without the extension activated:

Before using extension

After using extension

2. Zooming & Website Scale

Sometimes, text in a website, or just basically the initial scale is too big. All I have to do is zoom out to 80% or something. Especially on sites like Codepen or JSFiddle, it's better to feel like you are coding on a bigger screen.

Website Zoom

3. Always enable Live Autocomplete & Emmet

It is always good to enable the live autocompletion and emmet extensions while coding. This makes it easier to code and you can do more in less time.

Autocompletion Enabled
Autocompletion in use

Emmet Enabled
Emmet in use

4. Code with a community

Whether in a discord group or coding alongside your fellow buddies at DEV, it's always good to ask for tips and share what you are making (unless it's a secret). I find that coding with a community is more motivating and better than doing everything without feedback and bug fixes on the way.

Looking for a community? Join ours, World In Dev!

5. Listen to something

Whether listening to music, the noises around the house, news, or something else, keep your ears busy with something else other than your fingers tapping the keyboard.
Stick in some earphones and listen to something else. This way, you can stay focused a bit longer and also, you'll improve in Multitasking.

computer analyzing sound waves

6. Make a Todo List

You can't always remember everything, so why not be more organized and make a Todo List for each project you make?
Whether storing Memos in your phone, writing them down in a Markdown file or keeping them on a piece of paper, you'll have something to restore lost memories when coding.
Organization plays a very large part in coding.

7. Organize your workspace

Don't have papers flying all over your desk along with coffee stains and a torn-up chair. Clean out and organize your workspace to be much better than before. Honestly, you'd prefer to have a clean space/house than a messy one.

Clean Computer Workspace
(mine's not nearly as clean as that)

8. Memorable & Descriptive Names

Sometimes, the reason a post gets trending or a news issue gets read is mainly because of the title. When you write or code, make everything easier for yourself by naming your files something descriptive. Also, what's helpful is to make huge comment blocks in your code.

Names like index.html, about.html, and contact.html would be better than just naming your html files randomly like a.html, b.html, or c.html.

To place comment blocks in your code, just make a big banner for separation like below:

/**********Code Block**********/
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

Make sure the code blocks are easily visible to you.

seperation bar


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