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DronCord - Discord Integrated Drone Control [Python]

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Funny and at the same time simple to use drone control project by the members of Discord. Admin/Owner of the BOT can enable/disable the commands to be accepted for the Drone, and add/remove new Drone commands from the API list.

How it works

The device connected both to the Discord to receive the commands from the users over ethernet, and WiFi module connected to the Tello EDU Drone is creating a link between Discord and your drone.


1) Create and connect your BOT to the Discord server, where you want the users to get interacted with
2) Manage the features (leave as default for all the mentioned functions to be included)
3) Connect to the internet over ethernet or tethering and to the Tello/Drone over WiFi module

User Commands

1) takeoff
2) forward
3) backward
4) left
5) right
6) up
7) down
8) left spin
9) right spin
10) left rotation
11) right rotation
12) land

Admin/Owner Commands

1) enable the user commands
2) disable the user commands

What to come

  1. New features and movements!

Source Code



- Vusal Ismayilov - Yusuf Benli



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