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What is Selenium Automation?

woodjessica profile image Jessica Wood ・2 min read

Selenium is one of the most preferred automation testing tool used for testing software applications across various browsers and platforms. If you’re looking to speed up the process of testing software applications with minimal errors, then selenium is the best automation testing tool to go for.

Unit Testing Frameworks for Selenium Automation:

Selenium in a way justifies unit testing by bringing in the ‘automation’ factor. It requires research and application to find the best unit testing frameworks for selenium automation.

Developers and testers work coherently to make the unit testing process a success.

Following are the three important Selenium C# Frameworks for Unit Testing:

1. MSTest:

It has an in-built testing framework and hence doesn’t require any further installation
Data-driven tests are executed from a DB data source
MSTest ascertains the order of tests based on their specific arrangement
The set-up is quick so that an efficient database can be generated.

2. NUnit:

NUnit is an open-source framework written in C# language
This framework is used is perfectly in line with .Net applications
It includes a smooth version of Assert API.

3. xUnit:

It offers a better version of test isolation
The flow of code is easy to read and understand
Generic assert is handled much better in xUnit.

How would you conquer the Selenium test automation challenges?

Defects When Initiating IE (Internet Explorer)-Most of the MS Windows users have their default browser set as IE. Thus, your applications must work with the browser. When it isn’t succeeded to launch, you can fix this selenium automation issue by setting the browser’s zoom level to 100%.

Time worries-the situation produces when analyzing dynamic internet software. It impacts every time a petition normally takes long when expected to give the perfect outcome. When utilizing Selenium automation, then you want to implement a delay in the following code. This may succeed over your hurdles. This app just like Ranorex instinctually produces hunt time outs for goods from the repository.

Maintenance of Web Elements- During evaluation automation, then it's necessary for you to carry out evaluation upkeep. It may be a massive job, nevertheless, you cannot avert it. Fairly, it's genuine for complicated assessment situations. So, how do you control World Wide Web components you've got dealt with from the broccoli evaluations?

While employing the pristine selenium-web driver for automation, then it may apply a specific World Wide Web component many moments. In case the internet component varies, you want to detect its happenings and then change these. You need to get this done after using the webpage thing blueprint to handle the World Wide Web elements. Search from the altered and repair the code.

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