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What is DevOps and how does DevOps work?

Jessica Wood
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"Today, every business wants quality software at a faster speed so that they can survive in the ever-increasing competition and can provide greater satisfaction to customers. This is where DevOps plays its role and helps businesses in achieving software at fast speed with no compromise on quality.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is an evolution of agile methodology that breaks the traditional silos that exists between cross-functional teams and brings them together by fostering collaboration.

DevOps is a cultural shift in which Developers and Operation teams work together to ensure faster software development and delivery by implementing the CI/CD pipeline.

What are the benefits of DevOps?

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of DevOps:

• DevOps improves team collaboration by breaking down the silos
• It speeds up the SDLC process
• DevOps practices ensure faster software delivery to market
• It improves reliability as in DevOps best CI/CD, automation and monitoring tools are used
• DevOps lays strong emphasis on security and this is why DevSecOps is so important as well

How does DevOps work?

DevOps works by following the DevOps workflow which contains the following phases:

• Planning
• Building
• Testing and deploying to the production environment
• Delivering product updates
• Monitoring and logging software performance
• Gathering customer feedback

Today every organization wants faster and quality software that satisfies its customer.

DevOps is of great help for such organizations as it uses CI/CD tools to ensure the quality of the software is improved and software reaches the customer in less time as compared to older methods of software development and delivery.

Leverage DevOps services from next-gen QA and software testing services provider to ensure faster and quality releases."

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