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Ill paraphrase Uncle Bob, "frameworks should be a plug-in and not the basis of an architecture".. if the first thing you do when discussing your architecture is pick the framework, you're already wrong. You also are "buying in" to said framework which could theoretically change at any time. You are at the mercy of the author(s). IMO, and how I design systems, architectures are just a tool that is lovely coupled to the core business logic.


While this is true and I agree, that choosing a framework should not be the first thing to do when starting a project, we have frameworks for a reason. You can't develop everything from scratch and it's not so easy to do some changes even if we are speaking about purely cosmetic changes like switching from bootstrap to material design. It's just like when building machines - their parts are carefully designed to be transportable... which in turn seems to depend how wide a horse's rear end is...


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