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Discussion on: 11 Reasons I love Linux, and 1 why I don't

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Aaron Wolf Author

I was thinking about trying out Manjaro! I just downloaded the ISO this morning so I could install it on a VM.
What are your thoughts on it?

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Nishchal Gautam

I highly suggest not to use it on a VM though, because the power of manjaro, the workflows aren't simply matched when you run it on a VM, I'm forced to use VM temporarily at work and I hate myself every single day for that (but within a week, I'll have my sweet sweet desktop, with my choosing of OS)

Manjaro I must tell you is AMAZING, it did some heavy lifting from Arch and if advance learning is your goal, I would recommend Arch instead.

Manjaro with KDE looks really good, performs really well, and has a good support as well, the package manager is awesome, and best of everything: it's freaking fast. Get this: i7 about 5 years ago, 16 Gigs of RAM, and 250GB SSD. i7 I think might have been less than 9th gen though, I'm not entirely sure. I installed Manjaro and was excited to see what time will be it's boot time. It was 2 seconds! Yes, right! 2 seconds, it posted boot (the dell logo thing), then within 2 seconds it asks for my password! Then I give it my password and within another 2 seconds I already have my guake terminal and all some other apps started.