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@brendazam is Wonder Woman in her new career, a great role model for any budding developer because she asks great questions that encourage discussion. She's extremely coachable, which is a quality most of us struggle with, and her positive attitude is contagious! There are so many inspiring #beginners stories here, and hers is one of my favorites.


Tears of joy! Thanks a lot Jesse! It's an honor that you think that about me and I think one of the most important parts it's that the community of is amazing, there's always someone ready to help you. I'm extremely shy sometimes, more when I have to talk or write in English, but even with all the grammatical errors you all give me your support, I'm very thankful for that.

Please, consider me a friend and if I can help in any way, be sure that I'll do it.

I also love the @vickylai posts, she always brings something new to the community of great value.


I agree with Brenda here. I have really enjoyed your posts about different perspectives on the issues facing our community.

Edit Oh yeah, and I also loved your article describing the bot to remove your Twitter comments after a period of time. The sentiment of that article resonated with me.

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