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Why people prefer Open Source Software?

Open source refers to a program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge. Open source software is software that's source code can be modified by anyone. Source code is the part of software programming that computer user don't see.

Why people prefer Open Source Software?

  1. Freedom: With the use of Free Open Source Software (FOSS), users can modify the software to suit their own needs. Open source creates a global community of users and developers where you may discuss any issues. The user can modify and control open source software in addition to accessing it.

  2. Quality: Numerous users and developers in the open source community are working tirelessly to increase security and propose numerous innovative features. Open source software is developed with user input as well, allowing developers to create anything they like. The open source platform offers superior and cutting-edge software.

  3. Flexibility: When a person utilizes platform software, such as Microsoft Windows and Office, they must continuously update both programs. You can run open source software on older technology because it requires fewer resources. Additionally, open source software bugs frequently get resolved right away.

  4. Security: Software that is open source is safer than closed source software. A huge community exists within the open source industry, such as the Red Hat Security Response Team, and many other major projects (such as Apache and Mozilla) have their own security response teams, which enhances the security of software. The advantage of utilizing an open source Linux distribution is that the security features, including the Linux Firewall option, are highly outstanding.

  5. Support Options:At the moment, open source software makes up 80% of the internet platform.

Large communities exist around open source software, and these groups are free to share their tips and ideas. The majority of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, openSUSE, ClearOS, etc., have active online communities and forums.

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