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Discussion on: I am Software Engineer and former Director of Engineering, Ask Me Anything!

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John Best

How can someone know if they're a bad developer or not.

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Allan MacGregor 🇨🇦 Ask Me Anything

Let me start with being good a coding doesn't make you a good developer. A good developer things pass the code and is:

  • Capable of communicating clearly: We have to deal with people no matter what, be it to get requirements to other people on the team.

  • Business driven:We are paid to solve problems, our tool of choice is code, but not everything needs or can be solved coding; a great developer thinks on terms of the business first.

  • Think before you code: Great developers consider the implications and edge cases before you code and make sure to document those limitations.

  • Documentation: No matter what write documentation for your code.

  • Attitude: The days of the grumpy developer that forces his opinion down everyones throat is gone, you might be right but having a positive attitude is important too.

  • Continuous learning: Great developers have an insatiable thirst for learning and continuing to improve.

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