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Discussion on: If your manager told you to spend the next two weeks working on any "fun and fulfilling" project at work, what would you do?

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Refactoring most of our kubernetes deployments to use helm charts (or add them to our rancher catalog so that other teams can reuse apps easily). I love building CI pipelines.

Currently most of our CI pipelines use kubectl apply to deploy to our old kubernetes.

My project would include making a docker image that teams can use in their gitlab CI runner. It would have all tools needed to test and deploy helm charts to our new rancher kubernetes cluster. In an ideal scenario this would lead to a consistent way to deploy to the cluster across all teams. The image would also include the tools to add apps to our rancher catalog and to deploy apps available in the catalog.
The image would be cluster agnostic, it should be possible to configure which cluster to use (we have integration, staging and production clusters).

I already implemented some of this. Sadly there is no time to finish this in a clean and nice way. If I could I would definitely work on this project more!

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Dan Conn • Edited

I still need to play with Kubernetes properly!

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