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Discussion on: How to Get Started with Contributing to Open Source

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Simona Winnekes Author • Edited on

That question has multiple answers. As mentioned, I was exposed to TypeScript during my coding bootcamp and after that joined a company that was in the process of refactoring their complete codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript, I can say for myself that was the best way to learn. :)

But to give you some tips and a bit of a guide:

  • Fork one of your own JS projects and refactor to TypeScript! I think that is an easy way to get started. Because for one, you already know the project, and you don't need to spend time and energy on creating a new project from scratch. :) Also, you know how the project should function which makes testing and error handling easier while learning TypeScript.
  • You will add various packages and configuration to your project (for compiling, linting and developing)

Whenever I learn a foreign language/tool I always use the same project, a simple shift calendar for nurses - that way I only have to think about the code and not what the project should be about.

Some resources:

Thanks for asking and let me know if this was helpful! Also, keep me updated on your dealings with TypeScript, I'd love to keep the conversation going.

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Rahul Shaw • Edited on

Thanks for writing this pretty big comment for me. It really helps.