Simple Steps to Fix Windows Error Code 255!!

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Fix Error Code 255 on Windows: ** When you are trying to access or launch some functionality of a third-party application, you may receive this **error code 255 on Windows. It is a software error that occurs when you attempt to obtain the functionality of any application. This kind of error appears like ‘The extended attributes are inconsistent. (Code 255)’ and it is mostly related to SharePoint applications.

You can acquire appropriate support from Microsoft for fixing this error on your own. Further, you can find some simple and quick solutions on Microsoft knowledge bases or other sites so you can resolve the issue instantly. To Fix Windows Error Code 255 , you have to follow some simple steps illustrated in this article.

Fix Windows Error Code 255
Fix Windows Error Code 255

Steps to Resolve Error Code 255:

Once you receive this error code 255, you have to make sure that the issue is related to third-party applications. As a Windows user, you can perform very little things to resolve this error.

You can’t find the documented fix for this error on the Microsoft site. You will get an error code number as a reference by Windows and the process of resolving it is completely between you and the software manufacturer.

  • Contact your software manufacturer and inform them about your error so you may get an appropriate solution.
  • Make sure that you receive any hard copy or electronic documentation with the software so you can find a recommended solution. If you found the fixes, you can try it to resolve the system error.
  • In addition, you can verify the help files to check if the error code 255 is stated.
  • You can find exact patches or fixes on the vendor’s website so you can apply the fix to resolve the error.
  • If you locate any email address or support line, you can contact the agent and get the right assistance to fix the problem.
  • The information provided by the software vendor assists you to know the application functionality and so you can take proper steps to get rid of this error.


That’s it. We have provided simple steps to Fix Windows Network Error Code 255. We assure you that the clear-cut steps let you understand the solution even easier. Feel free to leave your valuable comments about this article. Thanks for visiting Windows Jet.

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