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Cover image for Auto Rotating Digital Picture Frame from 4K TV!

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Auto Rotating Digital Picture Frame from 4K TV!

Alright folks, this project took me a while, but it is completely awesome.

I built a rig that rotates a 4K display based on the orientation of the photo (portrait or landscape) all powered by a Raspberry Pi 4 and some fancy 3D printing. The PI runs a node JS server and a stepper motor which displays the photos via the chromium web browser in KIOSK mode. It's everything I ever dreamed of and more!

You have to watch the whole video to appreciate it, as there is even a fancy Easter egg at the end with facial recognition on the RPI camera!

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FollowAndrew Author

Something a bit different from my usual CSS/Front end stuff. An epic DIY project that required me to gain basic skills in a LOT of new areas. Very fun project in the end.

Thank you.

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