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Discussion on: [UPDATE] SpaceInvadersJS - Demo live now!

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Will Vincent

That would make sense on brave on the windows machine, and on my chrome instance on the mac, but I don't have any ad blocker installed on safari or firefox which also both failed on the mac.

Also of note -- the game is still playable, but obviously VERY impossible without being able to see the sprites :D

But shooting does yield a score increase

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Nicola Author

Yes because the logic and graphics are separated, anyway if you'd like to you can download the project and run with these commands:

# install dependencies
npm i
# run first build and keep watching for changes
npm run build-dev
# in another terminal window run
npm start

your application should run @ localhost:3000

Maybe this is an issue related with github websites, I don't really know this is a strange issue!

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Same with Chrome and Firefox on Linux :)
@nicolalc you develop it on Windows, I guess?
Also, Github is down :D

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Nicola Author

Yeah that seems so strange, and yes I develop (unfortunately) on windows 😢