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re: Changing your name is a hard unsolved problem in Computer Science VIEW POST

re: "Changing" name? It would be good to start at zero and get interfaces to accept people's real names from the beginning. There are lots of sites whi...

You think that's bad, what about password policies that only allow you to enter 8-12 characters, a-z, 0-9, and maybe an underscore if you're lucky. And that's for a BANK!


That's exactly the problem. They're using 50–year-old software and the cascade of changes that would be needed if they fixed the source database field spec would probably require more COBOL programmers than exist. Don't forget that these are orgs who have a licence from IBM to recompile the mainframe OS as well as the language compilers, because the lawyers say they need traceability from boot code up (read: plausible deniability)

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