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The Best (And Worst) Interview Questions

williamlawrence profile image Will Lawrence ・1 min read

The way that we interview engineers and developers is all sorts of messed up. There are a lot of extremely technical questions that have very little to do with actual day to day work. Even worse, a lot of these questions take place outside of a development environment where we would have all the tools that we would typically have.

Beyond the technical questions are the "behavioral" questions that gauge something totally objective and not problematic at all--culture fit.

Interviews are messed up, but we still have to do them from both sides of the table.

So what are the best and worst interview questions that you have given or received?

The best one for me is "How would you generate a pseudorandom number without using Math.Random?"

As for the worst one, I don't think that I even really grasped the question. I think that they were trying to get me to rewrite Timsort without actually saying that. I still don't know.

What about you? What are your best and worst interview questions?


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