re: Should you reply to all LinkedIn messages from recruiters? VIEW POST

re: You aren't hurting anybody's feelings when you leave a recruiter on read. They're not feverishly checking back, hoping against hope for a response ...

they're messaging as many people as they can trying to get as many responses as they can in general.

Not all of us are like that Dian 🙏🚀

I think it comes down to this: Agency recruiters are playing the numbers game, and have zero knowledge about the field they are hiring for -- avoid them 🔴

In-house recruiters, who own the hiring at their company, probably are worth replying to as they less often send out a mass email and did their job researching you a bit.


I've worked with good recruiters! I'm glad you all are out there! I'm still not going to waste both of our time if I already know I don't want to change jobs at present :)

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