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Beginners Guide to Programming

Programming for Beginners

Before we learn how to start programming, it is first important to address a small warning. In the beginning, programming will be challenging — you'll essentially learn a new language to share ideas! There is no best way to start as a beginner.

Getting Started

If you are completely new in this regard, it will all feel a little strange. Stay on the ball. The longer you program, the more likely you will get an important “aha experience”, and it will all make sense.

Programming is all about problem solving. It's not so much about remembering all the functions that different lines of code produce (although this is useful, of course). You can look up the features if you forget how to do something specific! Your skills as a problem solver will evolve as time progresses.

Difference between software and hardware

All the parts of the computer that you can touch (and sometimes kick and throw) are called hardware. Your computer is running programs that you use. For example, you are currently using a browser or an app.

These programs are stored in the computer and are therefore called software. software because you can't touch it. Even though sometimes the software tempts us to curse the hardware. You want to learn how to code that means you want to learn how to develop software.

Learn the basic programming languages

No matter what you want to code, you have to master at least one tool. And this is the programming language.

Today's programming languages all work according to a similar scheme and have the same basic elements. If you have learned these basic elements and gained enough experience with them, then you can switch to another programming language relatively easily. Which programming language you choose first when learning does not matter. Every programmer has his body blending programming language and will suggest it to you.

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