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Whatup MackenziePython. Ok, here go my answers:

  1. Lots of YouTube and googling. I try to just absorb info, and try to see patterns emerge. Don't overthink things if you can at this point, just take it in.

  2. Making assumptions about how something works. I don't know how many times I've been down the road of thinking something works a certain way only to learn later that I was wrong. This has happened at both the micro and macro levels. Keep an open mind and ask a LOT of questions.

  3. Lots of stackoverflow and general googling. And just testing things out on your own...there's nothing that will help you learn faster than doing.

And though I appreciate where you're coming from -- that is, wanting to save yourself frustration and time -- unfortunately that's part of the game. We've all sunk time and frustration into learning, but the important thing is to be patient with yourself and trust that you WILL get it .

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