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Discussion on: I was bored, so I built a programming language

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Robert G. Schaffrath

I remember learning compiler and language theory back in the 80's using the Aho and Ullman "Dragon Book". Languages were still very much a "black art" back then with institutional memory on the development of FORTRAN still around (which was an amazing feat in and of itself as there was no formal understanding of the design of computer languages when FORTRAN was created).

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad Author

Yeah that is still the gold standard imo. I've Used that in college as well. I think LLVM has been a massive game changer in enabling normies like me to create small toy language for themselves.

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Per Lundholm

I could have written that. :) The Dragon book and Fortran - yes.

And of course I had to write a LISP interpreter.