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Discussion on: Why Warren Buffett would invest in PHP (and you should too)

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wj • Edited

In my opinion PHP has been quite a bright language since 5.3 or so (2003?).

The true programmers that are reluctant to complain about languages and instead invest their time in improving their professional capacilites have mentioned it since then.

Look here for the several dosens of articles that are up to now quite usefult for aspiring programmers (notice, irrespectively of whether it is PHP or not).

Thus today PHP being quite fast, providing all the web-related specificities built in, being the easiest deployed one, running 80% (?) of the web (lots of legacy codebases rewrite / refactor in PHP ahead?), yet having huge power for its OO capabilities, having the well ordered impulse to develop its even brighter future is on the top of the list for investing my time and efforts as far as web development is considered.

Having said that I enjoy every working line of code written in PHP (however I equally say so for JavaScript, MySQL, C or assembler).