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Discussion on: The Cost of Investing Too Heavily in a JavaScript Framework

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Weston Wedding

Wait, why am I researching different Web Component libraries, isn't this what I wanted to avoid?

This part made me laugh because this was exactly my thought process when experimenting with Web Components during a project. I was thinking, "yeesh, I need to find a library or something, this is kind of a pain in the butt!"

And then I felt like I was just shopping for a WC framework when I was doing WC to avoid the frameworks issue to begin with.

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Ryan Smith Author

Yeah, I could see how the experience might generate negative feelings about Web Components. I think proponents of frameworks would have difficulty trying them, see that the tools are like learning a framework and wonder what the point of that is, then go back to their framework of choice. Hopefully, this post will help change the perception a little bit.