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Discussion on: Want to blog? Read this.

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Weston Wedding

This post really resonates with me; I've been "working on my website" for years now and have nothing to show for it because I've been obsessing about trying to make things perfect for what will probably be an audience of 1 people. Trying to write perfect long form blogs, and design a beautiful personal site with a blog section and a portfolio section and an articles section, etc...

On the plus side, I think I've already embraced the core idea of your post, which is to just put something out there (or stop pretending I'm going to). Hopefully my simple blog will be out there soon, filled with all those imperfect blog posts I've been accumulating in a Google doc for a couple years.

I can iterate on all that perfection I've been fretting about later...

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Pablo Rivera Author

Push it as is. I also wasted months trying to make it perfect. There is no perfect. Just publish and adjust as you go.

Good luck!

PS. Post the url.