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Weston Wedding • Edited on

How often do you encounter push back on this idea? I feel as if I have, of late, been encountering people in conversations about the matter of Q&A sessions that seem to have this reverence for the Q&A process.

They spend a lot of time telling speakers that they're obligatory and often couch it in a naive thought process where Q&A sessions are just kumbaya-fests where no one judges a speaker for having trouble with a Q and that all Qs are beneficial.

Like, I've been an audience where people get upset with speakers (loudly muttering "F-cking lawyers", for instance) because the speaker didn't quite answer a question correctly due to not quite understanding the nuance of a question or the way it was worded. Even in a small meetup format (~12 people or so) things can get weird with awkwardly pointed or aggressive questioning.