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Discussion on: Why some people hate PHP?

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Weston Wedding • Edited on

A lot of it is because it's the cool thing to do! Especially when it comes to PHP and JavaScript, the mockery is because it's just "common knowledge" that they're bad languages even though if you press someone to explain why they won't be able to. Even if they have a reason it usually involves arbitrary examples or really specific expressions that fail in surprising ways that don't really have real world examples.

PHP and JavaScript both came out of a particular moment in history and seem to have a lot of overlap in their issues; loosely-typed languages often do.

The noise with Javascript has died down considerably in the past 5 years, though. People are less certain about their mockery because of how big Node.js has become and how robust some of the frameworks written on the front end have become.

It's still easy to find, though.

Some people do legitimately get burned, though. Languages all have landmines, even strongly typed languages.

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I have encountered far too many people who think PHP is from the mid 90s while thinking javascript is from the 2010s and therefore better and "modern"!

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The big thing with JavaScript is that is the only language that lives in the browser, so people have to use it whether they like it or not. If PHP was the only language to run natively on the server, few to none would ramble on it.

Still, they are unsatisfied with JavaScript and have written a bunch of transpilers for it - that clearly resembles that even in situation of only one language possible people tend to find troubles.