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Discussion on: Explain how MVVM architecture work like I'm five.

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Weston Wedding • Edited on

I have worked with many self-identified MVVM libs or frameworks and I still can't really explain it. I feel like it's more of a marketing term than a legit differentiation from MVC.

Or the differences are so minimal or abstract that I just really don't care to remember.

Edit: Actually, I guess now that I think of it I can see that MVC/MVVM is different in terms of domains. You can have a MVC web server and a MVVM front end, I guess!

But now we're already out of the domain of five year olds so...

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Adrian B.G.

It is a big difference, VM is the model of the view, it's in charge of all the data required by the View to do it's functions.
I think MVVM is what the originally MVC was, 40yrs ago, but now MVC means something else, the Model has business logic & business data, the ViewModel has View logic & data.