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Touch typing? Absolutely.

Vim? Sure. It's available in all macOS & Linux systems and easy to install on Windows or most major IDEs. I can still use a non-Vim editor just fine.

Non-QWERTY? I can't justify this. The issue for me is portability: as soon as I want to use a public computer or a coworker's computer, I'm fumbling trying to remember the old muscle memory. It also prevents anyone else from using my machines (which, admittedly, could be a positive). Also, I can't easily rearrange the keycaps on a laptop, which is mildly infuriating even if I never look at the keys.

Speed can be compensated with practice. Ergonomics can be compensated with keyboard designs.


I've been using COLEMAK for several weeks and wishing I'd done it years ago; it's incredible how much easier it is on your hands. Everything just makes sense (although there are a few mildly awkward patterns here and there). I highly recommend to try it out to everyone who can afford the adjustment period and primarily works on their own machine.


Great point with the Non-QWERTY keyboards.

Even when it comes to Vim, I have co-workers who have customised their Vim config just enough to have it wreak havoc when they jump onto other keyboards (even something as small as re-mapping the leader key).


I would not recommend switching from QWERTY to COLEMAK to anyone that already can type on QWERTY.
In my case, I struggled to get rid of some bad habits because I was already used to type on QWERTY but without a system.
Therefore changing to COLEMAK helped be to "reset" my muscle memory.

That said:
It's not that bad. On newer macOS versions as well as on most Linux Distros you can change your Layout to COLEMAK with a couple of clicks in under 10 seconds. If someone needs to use my computer I can switch it back in the same time.
If I have to type on QWERTY I'm still fast enough to type a couple of lines on a public computer. It actually helps if I deliberately look at the keyboard while typing.

I never bothered changing the keycaps. The only scenario where this causes some minor inconvenience is if I need to hit a single key out of the blue without being able to position my hands on home row before.

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