Timbu It Pros and Cons {Bugs}

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Timbu Home Page

I happened to be undergoing a remote internship by Hng a Nigeria platform which help in booking hotels easily.

During the cause of the internship we were asked to look into Timbu and find out possible bugs from the site. On my adventure on the site I found some bugs related to UI/UX and likewise their search algorithm is weird.

On the UI/UX part the Timbu has few UI/UX issues one of which is the List page which isdisplaying some repeated images for the hotel listing, while on the booking page the UX is some how pitiful especially the booking section They use HTML element "table" which does not suit the design and likewise a bad UX experience.

Regarding the search algorithm, I tried searching "London" from the search box it is meant to list accommodations which is based in London rather it brought out accommodation with London in their names, some without London related while other the one that is London based is down in the listing. Normally search was meant to search by location but it is not working as described in the search text.

With this is few bugs i found on the site i think the developers in care of the site still have much work to do but Timbu is worth checking out.

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