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Discussion on: How do you handle unproductive days at work?

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Wes Souza

Personally, if my brain is struggling with something, nothing I do can change its “mind”. I usually allow for this kind of thing to happen, some days will be better than others.

Some things that help me:

  • Spend enough time on a task so that you get tired, then pause. Come back either hours later, or the next day. It’s incredible how much sleep helps on solving problems.
  • Talk about your task with someone else, you might involuntarily find out a better approach to solve it and your brain may even get interested in working on that immediately.
  • Go “grab a coffee”, even if you won’t grab a coffee. Walking around, taking some daylight in, usually helps clear the mind a bit.
  • Try working at another place, bring your laptop to a common area at your workplace, or a coffee shop nearby.
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