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SQL: Outer Joins

Wendy Calderon on November 30, 2019

In our second part of learning how to work with the SQL Join clause, we will focus on the Outer Joins. The first part, where we talk about Inner Jo... [Read Full]
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Great article. However, in the full outer join example, you should give a better description of what a full outer join will do in the context of your vet example.

Let's say we want to know which doctor checked our pets, and the date they were seen.

I would not use full outer join but a left join instead.


Thank you for your feedback! :)
This specific example could have better wording, or description as you mentioned. I will revise it tomorrow and edit accordingly.


some critics about naming. Maybe use doctorname instead of confusing lastname or last_name.

Thanks for sharing good article! πŸ˜„


TIL MySQL doesn’t support full outer joins?! Whaaaat?


I know, hahaha...
But the good news is that there's always a work-around :)


I love a good outer join! Great article Wendy.

Great idea for a series too, when I first picked up SQL it took me forever to wrap my head around joins. Venn diagrams are the way!!


Thank you for your feedback James!
I'm glad you liked it!

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