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Laravel AJAX CRUD example

websolutionstuff profile image Websolutionstuff Originally published at ・1 min read
  • Today i will show you how to create AJAX CRUD operations in laravel. for creation of ajax example we will use different cdn of bootstrap for designing purpose. and also we will use datatable cdn, So if you will follow my tutorial step by step then definitely you will get output.

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Great tutorial. But two questions:

  1. $post or $data?
    $post = Post::latest()->get();
    return Datatables::of($data)

  2. Where are the validation?

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Websolutionstuff Author • Edited
  1. Can you please describe more for understanding or attach images.
  2. I think we are missing to add validation.

Thank you so much for informing 🙏

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Can you please post the full article with an optional link to the original article. Thank you so much.