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Laravel 8 cURL HTTP Request Example

I am Laravel Developer. I have good knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap and REST API.
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Hello Friends,

Today we will see how to make cURL HTTPs request in your laravel 8 application. This tutorial I will give you laravel 8 cURL HTTP request example.

The name stands for "Client URL". cURL is a command-line tool for getting or sending data including files using URL syntax. cURL supports HTTPS and performs SSL certificate verification by default when a secure protocol is specified such as HTTPS.

Many time you need to integrate any third party APIs in your laravel application your can done this with cURL or HTTP guzzle request. cURL is very simple and not take much more time make GET or POST HTTP APIs request.

So, let's start to implement :

  • GET Request Example
  • POST Request Example

Read More : Laravel 8 cURL HTTP Request Example

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