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How To Generate QRcode In Laravel

websolutionstuff profile image Websolutionstuff Originally published at ・1 min read
  • In this example I will give information about QR Code. As per the current trend many websites and applications are provide features like login with QR Code, scan QR Code and get more information about products and websites etc.

  • So, I will implement QR Code in my project to give you demo, there are many packages available to generate QR Code. So, in this example i will use Endroid QR Code Generator.

  • Let's start with code and implement below code in your laravel application/project.

Step 1 : Install Laravel
Step 2 : Install Endroid QR Code Package In Your Application
Step 3 : Create Controller
Step 4 : Add Route
Step 5 : Create Blade File

And you will get output like below screen print.


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