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Google Recaptcha Example In Laravel

websolutionstuff profile image Websolutionstuff Originally published at ・1 min read
  • In this tutorial I will teach you about Google Recaptcha, Google recaptcha is used to advanced risk analysis techniques to show humans and bots apart. that defends your site from spam and abuse. And it make your site more secure.

  • For this tutorial we are using anhskohbo/no-captcha package. And most important we need secret key and site key from Google API. So,let's start.

Step 1 : Install Laravel
Step 2 : Install anhskohbo/no-captcha Package In Your Laravel Application
Step 3 : Publish Config File
Step 4: Add Google Site Key and Secret Key
Step 5 : Create Controller
Step 6 : Add Route
Step 7 : Create Blade File

And finally you will get output like below screen print.

Google Recaptcha Example In Laravel

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