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Rich Keyzor
Rich Keyzor

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Coding Bootcamp - 3 Weeks to go

Hi, I'm Rich.

So on Monday 13th September I passed the Northcoders Coding Bootcamp Entry Challenge and was offered a place starting Monday 18th September.

This is pretty much a dream come true for me. I have been tickering with coding for a few years and have been to "tutorial hell" a few times. Recently the stars aligned for me and I applied to the bootcamp. I was offered the chance to complete the entry challenge to show I was ready the the intensive full course.

Here I found my previous tinkering very useful in completing the prep work and in the actual challenge. I realised had actually learned somthing and did know some stuff.

The actual challenge arrived and although nervous, I was very excited. It went really well and I got a "Hard to fault on hardly anything!" from my feedback. I was elated. Immediately I was offered a place starting 18th October so I'm all set 😃

First impressions of Northcoders are positive - very friendly and helpful staff and a great Slack channel to meet other freshers and chat code!

There is a lot of pre-course work to be done so we can hit the ground running on the 18th - can't wait to get started.

I aiming to blog weekly about the pre-course, bootcamp and aftermath - mainly for my own benefit but it may inspire someone else to get coding.

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