Which unknown/smaller web development blogs do you read? πŸ“–πŸ‘€

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Hey guys!

There on the internet are a lot of web development blogs. So, if you search for something via Google, DuckDuckGo, etc. you often get results from "the big player" blogs... 😞

But outside there are a lot of great and helpful smaller/unknown blogs! So, my question is:

What unknown/smaller web development blogs do you read?

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Soon I will publish a new article on my blog webdeasy.de about exactly this good and helpful blogs and I need some more good blogs. It would be very helpful if you can share some blogs that you read that are writing about web development down in the comments below. (It can also be your own blog!!).

Have a nice weekend and stay fresh! 😎

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Apart from that, I read a lot on dev.to. I also use Twitter as a RSS feed and when something interesting show up I read it!
If you want, I've my own blog maxpou.fr where I talk about web dev and my digital nomad experiences.

If you speak French, here's a list of french dev blogs: jesuisundev.com/recueil-de-blogs-d...


I bought the domain lino.dev a few months ago with it, so far I haven't posted much, but I have already added some content.

Oh and at the moment the blog is in german. I plan to offer everything also in English.


I cross post most of my content between dev.to and my own blog drewtown.dev. I have my own blog because I like playing with the tech I am writing about and being able to have my own style.


A few names on the top of my head
Sarah Soueidan
Amelia Wattenberger
Andy Bell
Heydon forgot last name just add inclusive components 😁
Sarah Drasner
Emma Wedekind
Jason Bahl
Jason Lengstdorf
Alex Young
Adam Wathan
Florin Pop
Brad Traversy
Will Ward
Firefox dev channel YouTube with ao Jen Simmons
Freecodecamp of course
Steve Schoger
Wes Bos and Scott Tolinsky
Jeremy Keith

Google these ppl, they have twitter accounts, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts..
Or check my Twitter @tomhermans and see who I follow


not exactly a blog, but we build a community around sharing mainly webdev tools (and also interesting articles). Here you go turtle.community


"Biased article since the writer is also the marketing director of the best ranked tool."
– Anonymous internet user

Oh that's so true!!! I often profile the author before reading the post... πŸ˜•


None, i mostly read stuff here on Devto. But I curate my own blog inspiredwebdev.com


towardsml.com by @Samia Khalid. It has great ML tutorials.


I choose to watch YouTube videos who has less than 100k subscriber

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