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re: How many projects you've worked on have actually benefited from trustlessness?

That's a very, very good question Derek. First of all, I don't trust humans, I think we are too emotional and buggy so the idea of a computer ensuring the, in-advanced decided logic, will get executed, seems appealing to me haha. I like us tho because we are funny and we think we are intelligent while the truth is, we are just unaware of all the things we don't realize but I am getting too philosophical.

IMO, The concept of trustlessness doesn't exist. The goal is to eliminate the amount of trust you have to "endure". There is always somebody who you have to trust, at least partially for now.


To fully answer your question BTW, I worked on 3 blockchain projects, all of them benefited from trustlessness but because all projects are young, even Ethereum protocol itself, they are still quite centralized therefore not very trustlessness, but at least trustworthy enough, for now! Till the development level kicks in, like at the beginning of Linux in 90ties.

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