Discussion on: What was the funniest thing, a non-tech ever said to you?

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William Dicks

Many years ago when I still programmed in Assembler, we developed anti-virus software. One of the jobs I had to do was to debug viruses to see how they hooked into memory or files, find that address and then eliminate the threat. I tried to explain this to my mom. She stood there listening as if she knew exactly what I meant. About 2 weeks later when my wife and I visited my parents again, my mother, after having thought about this thing during the previous 2 weeks, asked me where I found the virus. "Was it in Johannesburg?" She had one reference for "address" and I had a totally different one!

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Kartika Prasad

Haha, I wonder what she thought "eliminate the threat" meant

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Andreas Author

... or "viruses" that "hooked into memory" 🦠🧠

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🦄N B🛡


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Terri Fricker

So sweet of her to really think it through rather than not keeping any of it in memory because it was over her head. She loves you.